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We're a small solar marketing and project development company with huge accomplishments. Small means you don't have to pay to support a large company when you only need certain tasks performed, and  huge means we have the skills and accomplishments equal to the big consulting firms, without their overhead.  We are one of the very few bi-lingual marketers in the solar industry today: we are fluent in BOTH marketing and solar engineering. Hailing from the world of advertising and electrical engineering, we view this industry through a unique lens, which is why we are a great choice if you are looking to hire an outside consultant to design marketing material, prepare presentations, and help you articulate your marketing and public relations strategy.  If your company is looking to develop a solar strategy as part of your sustainability efforts, we can be your development consultant helping you maneuver through the many options and help you choose the ideal integration partner who will work within your budget and understand your objectives. We've developed utility scale solar farms, opened up the U.S. market for large international EPC firms, have worked major OEMs to develop channel programs and defined strategic marketing opportunities. Plus we come with all of these credentials listed here and are one of the few firms where all the partners are NABCEP certified PV installers. We know this stuff.