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Installing a solar water heater is the most economical first step towards lowering utility bills but surprisingly, getting the message sold seems to take some extra effort.  Depending on the price of energy, available incentives, and demographic profiling, we can craft the right message for your client base and increase your revenues.

Environmental Marketing: BP Oil Spill in the Gulf

Situation: Complete Electric is a leading electrical contractor with no recognition for installing solar water heating solutions.

Task: To launch the solar thermal division.

Action: Our client expanded their business to include solar thermal immediately after the BP oil disaster in the Gulf.  The message we crafted spoke to the rising concern about oil and the benefits of solar thermal over fossil fuels.  

 Cooperative Branding

Situation: Mirasol Fafco is one of 200 solar contractors in Florida

Task: To increase market share for solar water heating solutions.

Action: Orlando Utility Commission (OUC) launched a solar pilot program and gave permission to their "preferred vendors" to use their logo on marketing material. We designed a brochure that  promoted the OUC solar pilot program in connection with Mirasol.