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Solar Project Development

Solar Project Development

There are numerous reasons you might need to hire an outside consultant for your solar project. Maybe you don't have enough full-time staffers who can support the pre-planning stages of utility scale development. You might just want help aggregating all of the information and putting together an investment package for your project.  Or it could be full blown pre-development through commissioning. We are able to handle whatever the task requires. If you are looking to develop a utility scale solar project and will be seeking investors to fund the project, we can help you develop your project to meet the critical milestones before your source funding. Once the pre-development objectives are met, we can help find you the right financial partners.  We can perform your site assessments, design the project, calculate the full life cycle project cost and get the financials organized for investment review.  If you want us to take it to the next level and oversee the construction, we can handle that as well.  Any of these phases can be broken down into specific tasks that you can source to us. 

If you are not quite at the stage to start fully developing a project, but want to  go to the next level and determine the true value of a solar energy project, a feasibility study will quantify the numbers for you.  We have performed feasibility studies for large PV solar farms and large commercial solar thermal solutions and can handle any size project for you. 

If you just need help doing some Autocad work, we work fast and can help your designers get out from under a daunting workload.  Just give us a call.