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Feasibility Studies

If you are considering installing an solar electric or solar thermal system, but are not sure if it's an economically sound idea or if your building is a structural candidate, we can provide you with a comprehensive study to give you a complete understanding of current electrical usage, future electrical expectations, cost, ROI, what financial incentives are available, a survey of the engineering demands, and a blueprint for moving forward.  You can take this blueprint to EPC firms to obtain quotes, or we can prepare an RFP and manage the competitive bidding for you. Because we are independent consultants, there is no conflict of interest when it comes to preparing a completely objective study.  

Admirals Cove, Jupiter, FL

In 2009 Admiral’s Cove, a private marina and country club contacted us to perform a feasibility study for a green solution for their water heating needs. The club has four kitchens, and 32 guest suites. We analyzed their financial expenditures on gas, measured their hot water usage, analyzed flow patterns during peak season, and performed energy modeling for the designed system.  We suggested installing 25kW of PV panels (to take advantage of the maximum state rebate offered at the time) and 32  8' x 10' water collectors. According to our analysis, 32 collectors would have offset their hot water usage by approximately 65% and resulted in an annual savings of approximately $60,000.  Solar Energy Systems was contracted to install 16 4x8 collectors for an annual savings of $20,000 - $30,000 year.